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Send Us Your Wisies On Love and Relationships Advice
One of the best ways to learn lessons in love, marriage and any other relationships is to tell others about what you have learnt. In line with our dedication to supporting your efforts in building successful relationships, we invite you to write your own Wisie script on relationships. This can be a wonderful way to do more than support your own successful relationships. It may help others build successful relationships based on the advice you give.

Join our family and join our cause. Help us inspire the world.

We will select the Wisie scripts that our production team feels will work best for our Wisie video format and produce them as one of the official daily Wisies, acknowledging you as the author. You will be notified if your Wisie is selected.

Please note that if your script is NOT selected to become an official Wisie, keep in mind that it has absolutely NO reflection on the quality of the script itself, but is more likely a reflection of it not fitting our format.

To submit a Wisie (text only), please click