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“The Relationship Wisies have not only enriched the relationship with my husband, but have enhanced all of my relationships. I finally get it ... I'm responsible. P.S. The Personalized Wisie E-cards are awesome!!”
- Jennifer Jamison, Los Angeles, CA
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Love and Relationships Wisies
Great Relationship Advice In Just Minutes A Day
Love is what relationships are really all about. Not just marriage, but all relationships are held together by the bond of love. In just a few minutes of entertaining viewing, Wisie Love and Relationships videos deliver the crucial love advice you need to make every relationship you have as satisfying as it can be.

These uplifting videos give you far more than just inspirational thoughts about love and relationships. They present invaluable, practical guidelines for nurturing the bond of love in relationships of all kinds, including marriage, friendship, and even professional relationships.

Some wisies for love and relationships are like beautiful love and romance poems, set to heart-touching music and brought to life with wonderful images, that will help you build or restore intimacy. Other wisies for love and relationships provide you with powerful love and romance quotes that can help you articulate how you really feel and what you really want.

And within all of the Wisie videos for love and relationships you'll find incredibly powerful, positive and practical relationship wisdom that will lead you to fulfillment in every relationship.

Consider this relationship quote from one of our love and relationships Wisies: You are not responsible for making anyone else forgive you. What you are responsible for is making the most loving choice you can right now. That is really the best you can do. If it's not good enough for another, that's got nothing to do with you. Learn from your mistakes and let them go.
Watch this video to see a sample Wisie
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Imagine receiving brief, concise, and wonderfully moving videos
that provide you with real relationship solutions like how to:
Earn and restore trust. Work through resentment and return to love.
Overcome past hurt and enter true forgiveness. Be a positive influence in the lives
of others.
Compassionately and effectively communicate. Effectively manage disrespectful or untrustworthy individuals.
Create positive, powerful relationships of mutual support. Clearly know and more easily achieve what you really want in your relationships.
Experience more joy, satisfaction, understanding,
cooperation and love in your relationships.
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