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Being Really Lighthearted

When we feel stressed out, it's tempting to look for someone else to blame; but part of wisdom is learning how to NOT give others the power to make you have a bad day.  

Being too serious in a relationship makes it more difficult. If you are experiencing much conflict, it may indicate that you are being too serious.

  One solution to conflict is therefore, to simply lighten up!  

Some individuals use lightheartedness and superficial humor to cover up their troubled inner life. They disguise themselves with artificial pretense.

  We find it nearly impossible to have a sincere, meaningful conversation with such people, and they are impossible to completely trust.

  So sometimes, assuming a too light-hearted air is a tactic for avoiding intimacy based on a fear of being "found out".

  Balance light-heartedness with sincerity for a genuinely satisfying relationship.
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