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“The Relationship Wisies have not only enriched the relationship with my husband, but have enhanced all of my relationships. I finally get it ... I'm responsible. P.S. The Personalized Wisie E-cards are awesome!!”
- Jennifer Jamison, Los Angeles, CA
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About Us
Company Background and Purpose
Management Team
Company Background and Purpose

Our Reason for Being:  Wise, Inc. exists to provide to the world-wide community, personal self development and transformational content for each individual in the entire family by delivering a "Quick Dose Of Daily Wisdom" through our Daily Wisies, short video messages available for viewing on the internet.

Through Wisie, we are dedicated to breathing life into the dreams and hearts of people. At Wisie, we harvest hope and inspire people to discover the greatness within them. Our products and services provide critical information necessary to enhance the quality of the lives of our customers by enhancing the quality of their relationships.

Our intent is to deliver relational content with the following purpose: To educate, motivate and inspire children, teens and adults to learn the wisdom of peace, the value of prosperity, the importance of health, the root of happiness, the cause of joy, the passion of purpose, and the gift of confidence and love.

Through the collective consciousness and participation of our wonderful customers, Wisie, Inc. hopes to provide a positive contribution for transformational and personal self development ... that will result in changing the world ... by changing people's lives, one life at a time.

In order to reach this ideal, prior to launching the business, we invested over 35,000 man hours in research and develpment and the materialization of our 4 web sites:


Our Dream:

Our Dream is to release in ALL adults, and in children, the Power to Dream great Dreams, and the Wisdom to make those Dreams come true.


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Management Team
Tom Cramer
Founder and Editor in Chief

Tom Cramer is Founder and Editor in Chief of Wisie, Inc with vast experience in entrepreneurship, business leadership coaching, and building successful business startups.

In 2009, Tom founded Wisie.com, the first-of-its-kind website for delivering daily wisdom through 90-second videos that reach the inbox of subscribed members every weekday.

It was Tom's first step towards fulfilling what his father, Walter Cramer, had inspired him to do … and that is – use his entrepreneurial skills to reach out to the millions of people and bring to them the “art of living” – the wisdom and importance of integrity, fairness, patience, responsibility, respect, friendship, love and relationships.

Wisie.com has now built up a power-packed group of specifically positioned sister websites that deliver daily inspiration, motivation, guidance, advice and wisdom for self improvement on the three key areas of human life – success, relationships and children.